Set of (3) 18" Mens Cotton Handkerchiefs w/ 1,2 or 3 Initial Monogram

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This luxurious handkerchief is a superior quality 100% cotton that is so soft, supple, and substantial that we wish you could feel it through your computer screen! This is the finest quality cotton and workmanship we have ever found. Approximately 18″ x 18″ white. **price includes embroidered monogram** Monograms will be arranged accordingly.

WYSIWYG- Monograms will be sewn exactly how you see them in the preview.
Various websites and other resources will give complicated and conflicting information regarding the "Rules" to monogramming. We keep it simple and what is most widely accepted. The most common men's monograms tend to be more block form and are one, two or three initials that are similar in height as related to each other. The same is true for woman's although they tend to be more script style. It is perfectly acceptable for a woman to have a one or two initial monogram. The more traditional monogram for men or woman is the three initial monogram with a taller initial in the center that representing the last name.  ***Monogrammed handkerchiefs are not intended to be pocket squares.*** We will treat spacing and sizing and placement of monograms with our best judgement unless specific request are made.